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Voter awareness activities

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Voter awareness activities are being held across Jammu and Kashmir for the coming parliamentary polls.

Recently Mega voter awareness activities were held at Basohli in Jammu region.

In an effort to bolster voter turnout and foster democratic values, a unique mega voter awareness activity took place at picturesque Purthu in Basohli, alongside the famous Ranjit Sagar Lake.

The event, which saw synchronization of para motor sailing with a pool of water boats, immersed the iconic location in the fervor of upcoming elections.

Asha and Anganwadi workers, adorned with placards and specially made election invitation cards issued by District Election Cell, highlighted the district administration’s resolve to motivate all to participate in upcoming elections.

The event captured attention of both locals and tourists, who joined Voter Pledge ceremony, marking their commitment to exercising their democratic right. A dedicated wall served as a reminder for voters not to overlook their duty to vote, a fundamental aspect of India’s democratic principles.

Participants were equipped with wristbands by the District Election Cell, turning them into ambassadors for voter awareness, ensuring the message reaches a broader audience ahead of elections on April 19. They were provided informative pamphlets exhibiting step-wise voting procedure to spread message in their respective locations

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