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Cyber police Srinagar traces, recovers smartphones worth lakhs

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Srinagar: The Cyber Police Kashmir Zone Srinagar has recovered and returned 30 missing smartphones worth lakhs of rupees to their rightful owners. In a statement, a spokesperson said that to enhance public service and address grievances, the cyber police is now accepting applications and reports from the public regarding missing cell phones. The statement reads that the dedicated technical team of the Cyber Police has been relentless in their efforts, tracing 30 missing smartphones of various makes and models worth lakhs of rupees. “These devices were promptly returned to their rightful owners today at the Cyber Police Station Kashmir Zone.” It reads that in addition to tracing missing mobile phones, the cyber police continues to assist citizens with various technological challenges encountered in their daily lives, including addressing online frauds, scams and other cyber-related crimes reported in the cyber police station on a routine basis. “Under the guidance of the Inspector General of Police Kashmir Zone, the cyber police Kashmir has initiated various awareness campaigns and programs to educate the public about contemporary online frauds and scams. The cyber police strongly advises the general public against sharing bank details, account information, personal details, OTPs, or any sensitive information with anyone.”—

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