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Position of supplies

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Government of Jammu and Kashmir is closely monitoring the working of hospitals and other healthcare centres.

Recently Chief Secretary, took a holistic review of the position of essential supplies and status of paramedical courses offered across different healthcare institutions of the UT of J&K. The meeting, besides Administrative Secretary, Health & Medical Education was also attended by the Principals of Medical Colleges; MD, JKMSCL; Director Health Services Kashmir/Jammu and other HoDs of the Department.

During the meeting, he took note of the steps followed by the J&K Medical Supplies Corporation for floating tenders to acquire drugs, equipments and other machinery for the hospitals. He asked for looking into shortening the time period considerably to get such vital supplies for health care institutions.

He further asked for framing Essential Drug List(EDL) by each CMO for its early supply to the hospitals besides standardization of the essential equipments list across the healthcare facilities of the UT. He even took notice of the working of the Drugs & Vaccine Distribution Management System (DVDMS) Portal dealing with purchase, inventory management & distribution of drugs, disposables, other necessary materials besides machinery & equipments to various drug warehouses. Regarding the imparting of different degree and diploma courses in Paramedical Sciences, the Chief Secretary asked about the functionality of the newly established nursing colleges and paramedic schools in different districts of J&K. He enquired about the kind of physical infrastructure available at each such facility along with the presence of faculty/tutors imparting training there.

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