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Smart metering

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PDD department has recently said that they will achieve100 pc smart metering across Jammu and Kashmir by the year  2026.

Stating that Jammu and Kashmir is the only Union Territory across the country where consumers are still provided electricity without meters, a Spokesperson of the Power Development Department (PDD) today asserted that the areas ‘saturated with smart meters’ are experiencing significantly reduced losses and improved power supply.

“Concerted efforts are underway to convert the entire consumer base of Jammu and Kashmir to the modern prepaid metering systems so as to ensure a better power supply”, the spokesperson said while rebutting the misinformation being circulated across the social media platforms, featuring women protesting against electricity meters, stated that electricity is a commodity, similar to other goods available in the market.

As such, the Spokesperson said it is important to recognize that electricity isn’t a free service; rather, it incurs costs at every stage of its journey, from generation at the source to transmission and ultimately distribution. Often, consumers are only aware of the distribution agency, remaining unaware of the intermediate stages and entities involved in supplying electricity to them. At each juncture of the supply chain, accurate measurement of electricity is paramount to maintain a supply-demand balance, ensuring the financial viability of the sector. Despite meticulous measurement throughout these stages, it’s worth noting that accurate measurement and accounting of electricity consumption at the consumers’ end remains a challenge in J&K”.

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