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Dedicated efforts

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With the help of central government J&K administration is taking dedicated efforts for the people in the rural areas.

In a significant move towards fostering economic independence and sustainable development among rural women, Secretary Rural Development Department (RDD) and Panchayati Raj, recently  distributed sanction letters worth Rs 76.57 lakhs to Self-Help Groups (SHGs) associated with the Jammu & Kashmir Rural Livelihood Mission (JKRLM) in Chenani.

He emphasized JKRLM’s dedicated efforts in implementing these initiatives across rural areas of District Udhampur, providing crucial last-mile support to empower rural women and elevate their status within their families and communities.

He said that these initiatives, sanctioned by respective line departments and JKRLM, are strategically aimed at fostering sustainable development and economic independence among rural women.

He reiterated the commitment to address genuine demands and issues on a priority basis, underlining the government’s dedication to the welfare and development of rural communities.

Expressing gratitude, Mission Director JKRLM, Indu Kanwal Chib, extended appreciation to Secretary RDD & PR for their visit to Tehsil Chenani.

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