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Rising incidents

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In the wake of rising incidents of Man-Animal conflict, the Divisional Commissioner (Div Com) Kashmir, impressed on orchestrating well-knitted strategy and making coordinated efforts to tackle the attacks by wild animals especially by leopards and bears across the valley.

He called for building close coordination between district administrations, Police, Wildlife Department, Community Leaders, Lumberdars, Chowkidars and shepherds for processing the factual information and capturing the wild animals.

Bidhuri directed concerned officers of Urban Local Bodies to keep the areas clean from litter and dispose-off waste in a proper manner so the stray dogs do not get attracted to the habitations.

It was informed that the leopards prey on stray dogs for food because of which they visit to habitations.

He asked people not to leave their children alone at pre-dawn and post-dusk durations and advised them to move in groups in the rural areas where wild animal sitting has been confirmed.

It was informed that the Wildlife Department is using cages to trap wild animals by luring them through baits and is installing camera traps besides conducting drone surveys to catch the wild beasts.

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