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SHRI Schools

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In order to showcase the complete implementation of NEP-2020, in Jammu and Kashmir 435 SHRI Schools will showcase components of NEP-2020, offer mentorship to other schools, so that students get maximum benefits.

These schools will act as exemplar schools with upgraded infrastructure, innovative pedagogy and technology in Jammu and Kashmir.

SHRI Schools is a new scheme envisaging development of more than 14500 schools across the country by strengthening selected existing schools being managed by Union, State and UT Governments besides local bodies. These schools will provide leadership to other schools in their respective regions by providing mentorship.

SHRI schools will deliver quality teaching for cognitive development of students and will strive to create and nurture holistic and well-rounded individuals equipped with key 21st century skills.

This ambitious scheme of SHRI  schools is to be implemented as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme with a total project cost of Rs. 27360 crore which included a central share of Rs. 18128 crore for the period of five years from year 2022-23 to 2026-27.

SHRI  Schools will be developed as green schools incorporating environment friendly aspects like solar panels and LED lights, nutrition gardens with natural farming, waste management, plastic free, water conservation and harvesting, study of traditions/practices related to protection of environment, climate change related hackathon and awareness generation to adopt sustainable lifestyle.

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