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G-20 summit

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If the G-20 summit meeting is held in Srinagar it would be nothing less than a mega event in the entire South Asia of such scale being held here. Government has already set up a committee of bureaucrats to start the preparations for this mega event and it would be a game changer not only for tourism but also for the people of Jammu and Kashmir as the place would be introduced in a very big way.

The G-20 summit to be held next year will provide such a historic opportunity to all of us to display the great tradition of the UT to the world and open new vistas to tap the ever-growing global market for handicrafts, which has reached US$680 billion in 2021 and will reach US$1252 billion by 2027.

Recently the Union Minister of State, Commerce & Industry, termed the occasion as an important step towards realizing Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision of making the Districts of J&K strong economic hubs, besides giving further impetus to the exports from the Jammu and Kashmir region.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is committed to strengthen each district of Jammu and Kashmir to optimally leverage their potential through District Export Hubs.

The District Export Plans of the UT of J&K shall provide single source access to all stakeholders, industry and sector-wise exports data, along with user-friendly detailed data analysis.

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