After a crocodile attack, a farmer in Bihar’s West Champaran district lost a piece of his leg.

Parma Mushahar, the victim, was crossing the Harha river in Bagaha on Monday evening when he was attacked by a 10-foot crocodile.
He stated in a statement that the incident occurred while he was returning home after working in a field in Jamunapur village.

“To get to my village, I need to cross the river. Because it is a popular route among the peasants, I followed it as well “he stated.

“I was in excruciating pain when I got to the middle of the river.” I turned around to see a crocodile attacking my leg. I continuously banged the baton on the crocodile’s head and back while carrying it. It had already bitten a piece of the leg up to that point. Despite this, I dashed to the river’s edge and yelled for assistance.

“Only because there was less water in the river did I manage to save my life,” he added.

Following the incident, a huge group of villagers rushed to his aid and transported him to a nearby basic health clinic.

Because his condition has become critical, physicians have referred him to a Bagha sub-divisional hospital for further treatment.
(with inputs from IANS)