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In Ganderbal land owners lock dozens of schools demanding job or compensation

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By: Sofi Ayaz VOV


In a unique protest against the official apathy, the land owners of government schools have locked dozens of government run schools as they have donated their land for the schools as they were promised either compensation for the land or the government job to their family members.

The Land Donors Association locked over a dozen government schools on Wednesday in the Hariganiwan Zone of Kangan Ganderbal.

Zonal Educational Officer, Hariganiwan Zone, Kangan, Muhammad Maqbool told news agencies that it is very unfortunate and will hit the students. “He told the media that he has been in communication with the land owners and is hopeful of an amicable settlement with them.

President Land Donors Association, Imtiyaz Ahmed while talking to media said that they were forced by the attitude of the government to lock these schools in Hariganiwan Zone. These include 10 Primary and 4 Middle Schools in this zone.

The locked schools are located in Syed Basti, Tangpathri, Rezupati, Mudpora Rayil, Branward Thune, Baba Mohalla Kulan, Giteh Kohd, Kachpathri, Kalaspati, Rayil Khor, Chek Basti, Herpora Surfraw, Chopan Mohalla Hariganiwan and Nallah Pati Surfraw.


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