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E-rickshaw service being praised by attendants at SKIMS

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By: Mudasir Khan VOV


Athrout has given a lot of relief to the attendants and patients at SKIMS by introducing e-rickshaw service as it is very important for those people who have no private cars of their own to get the medicines or ferry the patients.

Many attendants and patients while talking to Voice of Valley said that this service has given them a lot of relief and they have been able to come back to their wards quickly with the medicines.

Common people have praised the Athrout for their efforts to make the lives of poor people better by giving them basic requirements of life.

Athrout NGO of Srinagar is being praised by attendants for e-rickshaw service at SKIMS.

Many attendants appreciate the e-rickshaw service. It is very handy for them to move out from SKIMS wards to the market to get the medicines and come back to the wards quickly.

Athrout has been working as an NGO in Srinagar for many years now and they have been helping the poor people in procuring the medicines and also are providing dry ration packets to those families which need such help.

This latest e-rickshaw service at SKIMS has given lot of relief to the attendants as they were earlier forced to go on foot to procure the medicines and come back


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