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Dog menace in the main city center shows the problem is visible

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By: Tariq Shah VOV


Street dogs in dozens are roaming freely in Srinagar city especially in the city centers like Lal Chowk making the young people vulnerable to their bites.

Hundreds of stray dogs are visible everywhere in Srinagar city especially in the localities and most of them are seen at the garbage dumps as the Municipal Corporation is slow in removing the solid waste from the interiors of the city.

With the population growing in Srinagar city, dog menace is becoming one of the visible problems for the government to tackle at the earliest as the media reports about the dog bites to the children especially to those who go for the private tuitions in the early morning hours.

On the sunny day of Wednesday, the stray dogs could be seen in the main city center of Lal Chowk and their presence is a constant threat to the people who throng the place for shopping.

These are some of the pictures taken by Tariq Shah on Wednesday afternoon in Lal Chowk Srinagar.

Pic By Tariq Shah VOV

Pic By Tariq Shah VOV

Pic By Tariq Shah VOV

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