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Even during the second wave of pandemic Jammu and Kashmir administration provided the necessary curfew passes to the skilled and unskilled laborers so that the developmental work does not suffer on various projects in Jammu and Kashmir.

Although the government imposed covid curfew which is still in force during the nights and also on the weekends, the developmental projects have managed to carry on their work because of the cooperation by different district magistrates as they allowed the work force to reach to such destinations without any hassles.

At many development project work sites, the officials managed to create the space for the living of the labor force so that the covid curfew and other such restrictions do not hamper the pace of the work on such important projects.

Recently LG Manoj Sinha during the high level meetings regarding the developmental work has said that the administration will have to take innovative measures to carry out the work on the developmental projects so that there is a strong economy.

He said that the policy makers should also make innovative policies for the future so that the developmental work is carried out without any hassles while it creates employment for hundreds of workers.

Developmental work is going on at the various sites in Jammu and Kashmir despite the second wave of pandemic and the efforts of the administration have been that the work must continue in spite of restrictions imposed to contain the second wave of covid.

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