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Covid Test Camps

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After the government has been able to do massive testing in the cities, towns and now in the villages, the fresh focus of the administration is to organize covid test camps for the nomadic tribes across Jammu and Kashmir.

Shifting the focus from the towns to the hills, recently JK health department held some covid test camps for the nomads and more such camps would be organized in the coming days for these tribes.

According to the JK government spokesman, the health department is holding Covid tests camps for nomadic tribes – Bakkarwals and Gurjers -while they are on the move to the areas of high altitude.

It is routine that annually before the summers, thousands of these tribes walk with their cattle from their respective village in Jammu to cooler destinations in Kashmir.

They cover 300 to 400 km in almost a month. With the spread of Covid infection in rural areas, the health department wants to ensure they are not carrying the virus to other areas as they are on the move.   They can become the spreaders of covid-19 if such testing camps are not organized to see if these nomads have got some infection of covid-19 should be isolated.

The government should after the testing isolate these tribal people in the covid care centers and give them the required treatment and if they show the signs of healing they should be discharged from these centers and only the people with some seriousness of the virus should be shifted to the city hospitals for the treatment.

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