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High court decision

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Recently Jammu and Kashmir High Court upheld a circular passed by the JK administration banning government teachers from imparting tuition at the private coaching centers or at their residence, as many of them have started doing private coaching of students in their homes.

High court has told the government that they should ensure no member of its teaching faculty engages in private tuition at private coaching, tuition centers without the previous sanction of the government.

Court has said that the government is paying a healthy salary to all the teachers and they have no need to engage themselves in the private coaching centers and most of the time they do so at the cost of the students who are forced by their poverty to move to the government schools.

“It is a pity that the standard of education in the government institutions have gone down drastically, though the best teaching faculty is available in the government-run institutions,” JK high court observed while passing the judgment.

The JK government has been engaging the best lot as teachers and in the recent past they have also sent them for different training in order to equip them with the modern ways of education.

In spite of all these efforts by the government to make the teaching faculty comfortable, most of them are now in the private coaching institutions and the government run schools are only being used as a meeting point for them to lure more students to the private coaching institutions.


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