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Rains lash Srinagar; bring the river Jhelum lovers on its banks to watch it being swelled by water

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By: Tariq Shah VOV


Heavy rains have lashed Srinagar and its adjacent parts on Tuesday and in most of the low lying areas water levels have gone up and the authorities have yet to wake up to the fact that most of the low lying areas in Srinagar city get inundated by such waters.

There have been a lot of wet spells in the recent past in the plains of Jammu and Kashmir but heavy downpour is being witnessed in Srinagar city after a long time.

Such waters give a new life to the rivers and to the tributaries around and river Jhelum has started showing the signs of being filled up virtually by these rain waters.

With a lot of viewpoints available from zero bridge up to Lal Chowk on both sides of river Jhelum, young people irrespective of their age come and watch such beautiful rains amid the chill.

Many boys and girls were seen with umbrellas watching the rains playing music with the waters of river Jhelum at many points in Srinagar city.

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