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Saffron Outreach

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In the recent past the government of Jammu and Kashmir has taken a lot of steps to pull out the saffron industry of Kashmir from the present depression and mess.

In this connection, many efforts have been taken including on the ground the saffron mission by the central government to five boost the saffron cultivation in Jammu and Kashmir.

Recently Consulate General of India, New York in association with Jammu and Kashmir Trade Promotion Organisation (JKTPO) and US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) organized a virtual International outreach programme cum conference to promote export of Saffron of the Union Territory.

The event, which was aimed at increasing the export of this globally renowned spice in the US market, was attended by senior officials from J&K Government and CGI, New York along with members of the Saffron Exporting community of J&K and American Importers.

 J&K is the largest producer of the best quality saffron in the world. As we embark on to explore the potential markets, events like these will help us to reach potential buyers in every country and increase the brand value of our products in the international market.

This is a unique initiative and hope that both the markets will be mutually benefited by this joint venture. We want to get more of Indian Saffrons to the US as India is one of the leading producers of Saffron and we look forward to adding value to trade and the production line.

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