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People’s alliance reach Jammu

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People’s alliance for Gupkar declaration is going to hold its meeting in Jammu and the main face of this resistance Dr. Farooq Abdullah is going to preside over the meeting. In this connection the alliance has activated its party cadres and more than seven parties are already within the fold and they are trying to convince the civil society of Jammu to have the vision and wisdom and join the fight to get back the snatched rights. After the recent amendments in the land laws people in Jammu are very much worried that their land can be purchased by any person from the other states and this realization has resulted in a lot of unity among the different political groups in Jammu region.

It was this amendment in the land laws which brought various political parties on the streets of Jammu to protest against these amendments as they wanted more safeguards for the protection of the land and also for the jobs to their youth.

 Most of the youth in Jammu feel betrayed by the recent decisions of the BJP government as they were having a notion that being nationalists they will get a better deal from the central government being run by BJP. But most of their hopes have been dashed by the recent laws including domicile law and it has brought the people in direct confrontation with the policies of BJP in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir.

PAGD is going to meet more and more people in Jammu region and they have already appealed to them to join the fight so that collectively the central government is forced to roll back over its decisions especially by the recent amendment in the land laws making the people of Jammu more vulnerable to the land mafia operating from other states.

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