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For survival only—–

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On Boulevard road of Srinagar, hundreds of shops used to sell handicrafts items to tourists. Now Kashmir is without any tourism from the past 13 months and the footfall of tourists is unlikely for another few months.

Thousands of families were surviving in Srinagar by selling handicrafts items to tourists. With no business one of the shops on Boulevard road Srinagar has converted the shop into a Kashmiri Wazwan restaurant in order to make his survival possible in such hard times.

Many traders have switched over to other trades not related to tourism in order to make both ends meet for their families. With no financial intervention from the government, such families are trying to survive by switching over the trade.

It is known in the history books that Kashmiri has a unique survival instinct; he can survive even in the worst circumstances and bounce back. ( PIC BY: TARIQ SHAH)

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