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Government run schools in Jammu and Kashmir should have been the top priority of policy makers to improve their infrastructure and their facilities so that the parents would love to send their wards to these schools.

UT administration of Jammu and Kashmir should learn from the New Delhi model of government schools as they have proved by their hard work and by providing modern training to the teachers that students from government schools can perform better than government run schools.

JK Government has decided to spend hundreds of crores to improve infrastructure to purchase books and uniforms for the school going children in government schools.

Will it be a game changer for the government schools or yet another exercise of spending government money without having any goal or wisdom.

Recently government said they have planned to spend Rs 158.19 crore, including Rs 100 crore in Kashmir and Rs 58.19 crore in Jammu division, on construction (civil works) activities while an amount of Rs 49.51 crore would be spent on the uniform, including Rs 20.66 crore in Kashmir and Rs 28.85 crore in schools across Jammu region.

The UT Administration has earmarked Rs 18.64 crore for sports and physical education of young children while Rs 20.31 crore would be spent on the purchase of textbooks.

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