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Waseem of JK Origins Beavered

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Waseem Raja Dar of Messer’s JK Origins Servicing Maintenance Private Limited and part of MK/VOV/CK family was beavered as his uncle Ghulam Muhammad Bhat R/o Khosa Bagh B.K Pora near B.Ed College went for heavenly aboard on Saturday morning after a brief spell of illness joint condolence meeting was held of all the staff members of Daily MK/VOV/CK and their website sections to express deep condolences with Waseem and his family. According to the family of his deceased uncle condolence would be held only for three days at his residence up to Monday.

Anyone who is interested in telephonic condolences due to pandemic can contact his sons on the following phone numbers.

Beavered family:-

Muhammad Younis Bhat

Nasir Ahmad Bhat

Muhammad Umer Bhat


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