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Huge challenge

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As we are already in the lockdown 4.0, officials said that 4000 stranded JK residents have arrived by train and other 1500 by road. It is a huge challenge for the administration to check such influx of people back to Jammu and Kashmir and do their testing and screen them properly.

JK administration has taken all the steps to combat this rush and to provide facilities to the people at the quarantine centers as all of them are stopped for the administrative quarantine till the administration receive the tests of COVID-19.

The administration is working according to the guidelines set by the Union Ministry to facilitate the testing process of all the returnees. Recently officials said that they have put in place proper facilities including breakfast, tea, food and proper rooms for these stranded people.

Many returnees have been provided by paid quarantine facilities at various hotels in Jammu as they were fearing infection and wanted to avail single room facility during the quarantine period.

At the eve of Eid, thousands of Kashmiris are slated to comeback and it would be a huge challenge for the administration in Jammu to do their proper testing and put them in administrative quarantine period.

Most of the Kashmiris who have returned back and have been stopped for administrative quarantine in Jammu have said that the centers lacked any proper facility and they have to live in sub human conditions.

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