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Inclement weather

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Weather is still a problem in Kashmir valley and cold nights followed by dry days has added to the problems of the people who have been witnessing a harsh winter for the past several months.
In this month of February, both Kashmir and Ladakh continue to witness sub zero temperatures during the nights and heavy snowfalls in the previous months has covered all the hilly areas under blanket of snow.
Heavy snowfalls in Kashmir valley have brought lot of miseries and problems for general public and there have been huge number of medical emergencies in the rural areas of Kashmir resulting in some unfortunate deaths as the patients could not reach to the hospitals due to heavy snowfall in these areas.
Authorities have claimed that they have been responsive to the needs of the public but fact remains that hilly areas are without power supply and the roads have not been cleared so far by the officials. The administration cannot behind the fact that it was a spell of heavy snowfalls and they cannot do anything in the hilly villages of Kashmir.
According to MET office predictions, weather will be dry and cold over Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh while snowfall and rain are likely to occur at isolated places in both the union territories.
If there is more snowfall in this month of February it is not a good news for the people living in hilly villages of Kashmir. Already they have huge piles of snow in their fields and the fresh snowfall will only add to their problems.

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