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Aripal, Tral ” the spring meadow”,But looking for attention.

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Lone Nawaz


Aripal:-After almighty, Govt. Is looking after the misseries and plight of masses, difference is only, God gives if he wants but have to cry infront of people. Same like situation is for Aripal tehsil of tral area of pulwama district. People of Aripal stumble on the doors and then get their demand fullfilled.
In every aspect whether it is education, development or any other facility, the area is facing problem on all fronts. The absence of government make things more difficult and hopeless. During election days every political contestant is promising for fullfilling dreams and expectations but alas once the elections are over, these idols forgets everything by sitting in the chair and then loses in their world and their dreams.
Although they are making great claims before the elections but after the elections, the donot remember their promise.
Aripal area locating on the foothills of vasturvan forests, is highly educated region of tral sub-district, but the area too, like other areas of valley, has its share of problems, and the people of this area are looking towards the solution and resolution of all the problems with keen eyes.
One of the main problem is road connectivity. The roads of Aripal area of tral sub-district are shambles. The condition of Aripal – Tral main road is somewhat different. Although this road is the main connecting link of Aripal – Tral and also connects the various villages of Aripal with rest of valley but i donot have words to describe the condition of this main link. The road is dilapidated with large number of potholes. During rains, the condition of road is waterlogged and when it is dry it sprays dust. This is the main road, the rest of the link road is rare, what will happen to them, i canot explain. In rest of the valley, Although people enjoy walking on roads in the spring, But here is something different for us.
On account of lack of efficient road connectivity, the people living in various villages of Aripal suffer dearly.and towards that direction the government has decided to construct pastuna – khrew road which could join villages of Aripal with khrew and pompore by byepassing the Tral town. However, because of apathy of administration, years on, and the road still waits for forest clearance. Besides providing easy and better connectivity to around 45 villages of Aripal. The main aim of the road is to revive the old mughal route along the foothills of vasturvan forests, which could have provided employment opportunities to large number of jobless youth.
In electicity, the area is lagging much more. In today’s modern era, where industrialisation is at its peak but still Aripal area has no power recieving station. Power recieving station was sanctioned many years ago, but still not installed. People are facing trouble during winter season.
No leader want us to grow as they are doing and want to keep us in perpetual backwardness so that their coffers keep filling. The painfull thing is that the higher ups in the administration fall prey to the evil designs of these people with vested interests.
Now if any body can ensure fresh initiation and compeletion of the road in time, it is none other than you. People of area have high hopes from you. They know that an administrator and head of government of your caliber only can provide them the long cherished despite.
It is as such requested to you that kindly look into the matter and all aspects of the projects.
The people of this area needs keen ayes. Hope they are not disappointed this time. The next time i write you, hope it will be the letter of thanks and appreciation .

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