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Adnan sami concert traffic would be diverted

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Jk tourism department along with other wings of the government are going to host Adnan Sami show on October 7 at 4 PM on the banks of Dal lake in SKICC. According to reports 3000 guests are expected most of them officers and thier families. The show has been organised to promote tourism and the organizers will spend huge money while there are no tourists in kashmir. shikrara Wallas having small loans on them essentially to keep the kitchen fires burning would have been out of debt trap had government reimbursed thier loans instead of wasting money on such shows and road shows outside the state.

Having said that now traffic advisory has been issued for people who live in Brain  Nishat, Shalimar and Harwan that they should take route of Dalgate from Hazratbal and from thier areas to Lal Chowk same route.only those persons would be allowed with vehicles from Dalgate to SKICC with passes from the government. Traffic would be diverted and no vehicles would be allowed on Dal rim road especially from 4pm on October 7 till Adnan Sami shows goes on.

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