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PDP says center closing the doors of negotiation in Kashmir

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 Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)  has always  upheld the significance of unconditional dialogue among the stake-holders as the means to resolve Kashmir imbroglio.

Reacting to the statement of Union State Minister for Home in Parliament in which he has conditional dialogue with separatists “within constitution” PDP Vice President Mohammad Sartaj Madni said this amounts to closing the doors for negotiations.

Madni said the statement is also against the spirit of Agenda of Alliance between PDP and BJP which recognize and envisages importance of an open dialogue. He said that conditioning dialogue on Kashmir also excludes Pakistan from the discourse. This position from Government of India again undermines the reality that without involving Pakistan no solution to Kashmir problem can sustain.

Madni referred to Sheikh – Indira Accord as  glaring instance which amply proved that such exercises did not sustain as a solution to Kashmir problem and instead compounded this further. He said it was post accord that Jammu and Kashmir witnessed emergence of full blown militancy and upsurge, besides perpetuated acrimony and confrontation between India and Pakistan.

Mani said that where several union Governments have at several occasions acknowledged the futility of selective accords and packagesm it was the government headed by Atal Bihari Vajpayee which seriously followed “an all inclusive” approach as a changed discourse for sustainable peace in the region and as a viable way to solve the issues.

The course of Vajpayee was fully facilitated by Mufti Mohammad Sayeed the visionary leader and then head of State government. Not only it resulted in Indo-Pak bonhomie, it was endorsed by people of the State as act of hope. Madni said who doesnot know that in the three years from 2002-2005 borders were virtually turned irrelevant, the two armies were engaged in exchange of day to day pleasantries’ and two peoples witnessed a notional integration. Trade flourished, development took pace and Kashmir issue came to acquire a practicable  and realistic contours for an “out of box” solution.

He said that Agenda of Alliance  with BJP is a virtual revival of Vajpayee- Mufti vision and PDP sees it as an agreeable path sincerely endorsed by popular leader and BJP strongman Narinder Modi, the Prime Minister.

Madni said any deviation from stated course in Kashmir will result in confusion and deficit in trust which will seal the chances of any  further exercise through political means. He hoped that the statement of MoS will not impact the relevance of AoA and appealed to prime Minister Narinder Modi for its early implementation.

Madni observed that accomplishing Agenda of Alliance will draft a golden chapter in the relations between New Delhi and Srinagar and Prime Minister Modi will earn goodwill across the board as one Indian leader who did not betray the trust.     

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