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When hired labourers revolted in Press Enclave

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Srinagar: Few dozen persons who were brought to Press Enclave at Partap Park Srinagar to protest against Pakistan in connection with making Gilgit-Balistan their province, on Tuesday it was a scene and they `revolted against the contractor’ who has transported them to Srinagar with the promise of job against money.

United Jammu & Kashmir Forum (UJKF), an unknown organization appeared with banners against Pakistan and when journalists started asking the protesters why they have come to protest they said they have been hired at Rs. 400 for some job to be done in Srinagar by a contractor.

The `protesters’ told media that they have no idea that they have been hired for anti-Pakistan demonstration and decided not to be the part of such exercise. They immediately demanded money from the contractor and said that they have come as labourers and will not raise slogans for any party.

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