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Hundreds of people including school-going children caught in Srinagar police action

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Srinagar; On Monday afternoon police re-emerged with tear-smoke shells and other means of quelling the student protests with the result hundreds of people including school-going children were caught in this action which has been widely condemned by the people describing it as unwarranted.

In afternoon of Monday, the shopkeepers, Regal Chowk, Lal Chowk and Poloview were forced by the police action to shut their shops and the school-going children along with their parents were caught in the tear-smoke and the police was using force without any reason. “Five or six students were pelting stones from a corner and police pumped dozens of tear-smoke shells towards them making the life of hundreds of people who were caught in this action miserable. We demand action against police who disrupt peace and force us to close our shops”, said a shopkeepers at Lambert Lane to VoV about the afternoon use of force by police. Earlier, the students of Women’s College Srinagar boycotted their classes and held protests within the campus. The students of S.P. Higher secondary School also held protests and were engaged in pitched battles with police on the Maulana Azad Road and the police was chasing few students throughout the day using huge force and making the people to flee to save their lives.

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