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Rains again lash Srinagar and other parts bring back chill

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By: Tariq Shah VOV


On Saturday after the cloudy morning, rains were witnessed from moderate to high intensity in Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir breaking the cycle of heat and also bringing chill in air.

Due to the rains and clouds, the temperatures are down and Kashmir looks pleasant for every eye especially to those tourists who have come from hot places to enjoy their holidays.

Due to the rains, people were seen with umbrellas in most of the markets of Srinagar and the rains as usual brought traffic jams back as most of the roads easily get filled with water due to the faulty drainage system.

Due to the recent spell of rains already the low lying areas of Srinagar city are in submerged conditions and the latest rains have already added to their problems.

Though the government has installed a lot of dewatering pumps, most of the low lying areas of Srinagar city get submerged during the rainy seasons.

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