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Even after a decade Ashtangoo water supply scheme yet to be operational

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By: Marvi Majeed VOV


The locals living in the Ashtangoo village and adjacent areas have recently protested that even after 11 years the water supply scheme of their area has not been completed and with the result the villagers have to go to the nearby streams to fetch drinking water as the scheme is still to be completed.

Locals said the construction of the water supply scheme was started in 2010 by Jal Shakti division Bandipora but the scheme is yet to be completed due to which people are facing difficulties. The locals said that they are forced to consume contaminated water directly from the nearby canal as the village doesn’t have any provision of potable water.

They said the scheme was benefit of around 1000 households of the villages including Badyari, Ashtangoo, Kanbathi and Ashtangoo but the villagers have been left high and dry as scheme is  yet to be completed despite the passing of more than 10 years “we are being forced to fetch dirty water from nearby stream because there is no proper water supply in the area”.

The locals said that despite repeated attempts by the district administration nothing positive happened on the ground.

The villagers alleged that a narrow pipeline was laid in the area that can’t pump water from sources to the end user.

They said it seems that the pipeline was laid just to draw money from the state exchequer and hoodwink the higher authorities.

Meanwhile while talking to the Executive engineer Jal Shakti division Bandipora Ab Khaliq said that up to august this year the water supply scheme will be functional to the benefit of locals. He said that due to the lack of funds some work is left but we will try covering it within months.

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