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Smart Schools

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There are modern methods to impart education on children and the J & K administration is trying to redefine its education system. Smart Schools is one of the concepts of modern education and is being introduced in a big way here.

Recently the  LG Manoj Sinha launched Smart Schools in Tribal Areas of Jammu and Kashmir.

Under Historic Tribal Education Plan, 200 Schools to be transformed into Smart Schools in the coming years.

These schools will be a big transformation for the tribal children as they would be getting the modern education by these smart schools.

In the recent past J&K administration has taken a slew of schemes to address the problem of tribal people in Jammu and Kashmir.

Apart from trying to lift the socio economic conditions of tribal people, the J & K administration is keeping focus on the future of these tribal’s.

In this direction recently Manoj Sinh announced Scholarships to 21,000 children of Gaddi, Sippi, Dard, Sheena communities of Jammu and Kashmir in order to provide the platform of education to these children.

He said that it is the priority to secure the future of tribal children, and said that his administration will work for the betterment of the children of the tribal population so that they can face the future with head high.

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