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Shah Faesal challenges highway civilian traffic ban in J&K High Court

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Srinagar : Dr. Shah Faesal today challenged the highway traffic ban before the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir termed it as a violation of fundamental rights guaranteed under article 19 and 21of Indian constitution.

Dr. Faesal filed a PIL (OWP) 06 of 2019 titled Shah Faesal vs State of Jammu and Kashmir and others seeking quashment of government order dated 03/04/2019 that banned the public traffic movement on national highway two days in a week (Wednesday and Sunday).

The PIL was heard today by the division bench comprising Chief Justice Geeta Mital and Justice Tashi Rabastan. The court issued the notice accepted by senior AAG to the government. The government was directed to come with alternate arrangements and other suggestions by tomorrow.

The case is directed to be on board for tomorrow for arguments. The PIL is argued by senior council advocate Tasaduk Khuwaja, senior council of Supreme Court advocate Ehsan Javed and some other advocates.

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