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HADP implementation

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In connection with implementation of Holistic Agriculture Development Program in Kathua District,  District Development Commissioner, reviewed the implementation and progress under the Holistic Agriculture Development Programme (HADP) .

At the outset, Chief Agriculture Officer Sanjeev Rai Gupta put forth a comprehensive update on the advancements made in implementing the HADP across various sectors. He highlighted the promotion of Garlic and Rajmash crop cultivation, alongside efforts to encourage farmers to take up cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic plants. Additionally, initiatives promoting the production of Millets, Mushroom, Commercial Floriculture, and oilseed projects were emphasized, aiming to diversify farmers’ income streams.

The meeting noted a significant response to the HADP scheme, with a surge in applications exceeding the allocated targets which underscores the program’s effectiveness in engaging and empowering local farmers.

The DDC Kathua reiterated the importance of scaling up the coverage of allied sector schemes, including Animal Husbandry, Sheep Husbandry, Fisheries, Horticulture, and Horticulture Planning and Marketing. The emphasis was placed on extending benefits to more beneficiaries, thereby maximizing the impact of the HADP programme across the district.

In a bid to enhance the transportation infrastructure for perishable goods such as Fish and Milk, the Horticulture, Planning, and Marketing department was tasked with procuring Refrigerator Vans.

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