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Remedial classes

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Recently Advisor Bhatnagar inspected the progress of establishment of Vidhya Samiksha Kendra

He said that exclusive remedial classes and assessment tests of students, falling behind in their studies, shall be conducted through AI-powered chatbots of Vidhya Samiksha Kendra. He added that introduction of Vidhya Samiksha Kendra is all about giving our students and educators the best tools for success and it’s the next big step in refining education in J&K using real-time data and feedback loops, adding that the 6A framework of VSK including attendance, assessments, adaptive learning, administration, accreditation, and AI nudges will be setting new education benchmarks in near future.

During the meeting, Dr Piyush Singla apprised the Advisor of the progress recorded in establishment of VSK, so far. He informed that, real-time data on various parameters, will offer invaluable insights into student progress, teacher training and overall school performance.

Project Head, Convegenius Private Limited,  Anuj, who designed the VSK and executed the project, presented a detailed presentation on functioning, operationalization and outcomes of the project

Later, a brainstorming session on key performance indicators was also held, where Dr. Piyush Singla, prioritized the tasks and set various timelines for making the Centre fully operational and functional.

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