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Upcoming Elections

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Recently Deputy Commission (DC) Srinagar, who is also the District Election Officer (DEO) chaired a meeting with Election Registration Officers(EROs), Assistant Election Registration Officers(AEROs) and District Election Machinery here at the Meeting Hall of DC Office Complex to review the preparations for upcoming General Elections.

He held a detailed discussion with the Officers present in the meeting and illustrated the various important aspects of the Election process mainly aimed at ensuring smooth and peaceful general elections in Srinagar District.

During the meeting, the roles of EROs and AEROs of all 08 Assembly Constituencies and other Election related machinery in smooth conduct of the elections were discussed in detail.

 The DEO held deliberations with regard to polling stations/locations, assured minimum facilities available at polling stations, resource availability/manpower, logistics, transport plan, communication plan, training to the polling staff, EVM management plan, management of postal ballots, nomination of Sectoral and Zonal Magistrates and establishment of help-desks and information desks. The meeting also discussed material management plan, location of the distribution centres and the collection centres in threadbare.

 Speaking on occasion. The DC/DEO stresses upon the Officers to prepare meticulous District Election Management Plan in order to ensure that electorates participate in the election process in large numbers in a hassle free manner.

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