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Recently under the vision plan of Viksit Bharat @ 2047, the Department of English S. P College Srinagar organised an online lecture on ‘Empowering India: Decolonising the Indian Education System’.

A large number of students across different semesters and faculty from different departments participated in the programme. Dr. Bilal Ahmad Shah, senior Assistant Professor took the participants through the background and context of the programme and introduced the resource person.

Dr. Javaid Iqbal Bhat, the resource person from the department of English, South Campus, University of Kashmir while talking on the topic, laid bare the different facets of colonial legacy that once crept into the Indian Education System and unquestionably perpetuated its hold over it. He highlighted that due to erroneous policies and governance, the native Indian system of education paled into insignificance.

The resource person emphasised that it is a high time to get rid of the colonial jargon, the spectre of which still hovers over our minds. He reiterated that in order to regain the emotional content and sense of self-esteem, we need to create a new set of values which would bring a holistic transformation in us.

For this, he pointed out, the whole system of education demands an overhaul and the initiatives like NEP-2020 and agendas like Viksit Bharat @ 2047 are some steps in the right direction. Dr. Javaid concluded by saying that India is positively emerging in many dimensions and the world is looking up to it for solutions to different global problems that pressingly beset it.

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