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Power interruptions

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Power interruptions have become a routine in Kashmir valley during these winter days.

The J & K administration has assured that they will purchase more power for Kashmir in these winter months.

Recently Lieutenant Governor apprised the Union Minister of continuance of obsolete wires and other network elements especially in rural areas which cause undue power interruptions.

The Union Minister called for a comprehensive proposal for the same and assured sufficient funding for system revamping.

Apart from the technical matters, a notable highlight of the meeting was the launching of 4E Wave – A Student led National Movement for Energy Conservation by the Union Minister and Lieutenant Governor of J&K.

While launching the 4E Wave -a Student lead National Movement for Energy Conservation, the Union Minister was elated to know that the youth of J&K has taken the initiative to launch a national movement on energy conservation, which holds the potential to make a substantial impact on the nation’s energy conservation efforts.

The 4E Wave movement, first of its kind, encapsulates four key elements including eco-friendliness; promoting energy-saving practices that are environmentally friendly, economy; emphasizing energy-saving solutions that lead to economic benefits for individuals and communities, education; focusing on educating the public about energy- saving   methods and their importance and empowerment; empowering individuals and communities to take active roles in conserving energy.

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