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53 injured in Russian missile strikes on Kyiv

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KYIV: A volley of Russian missiles wounded several people and damaged a children’s hospital on Wednesday, the worst attack on Kyiv in months, Ukrainian officials said, as the country pleads for Western military aid.

Journalists in the capital heard several explosions before dawn, and air raid sirens sounded soon after that. Ukraine’s air force said it had downed all 10 missiles targeting the city and the health ministry said 53 people had been wounded, including two children.

Most injuries were caused by “glass shards, household items and the shock wave” as missile debris fell in eastern and southern parts of the city, the ministry added.

Wednesday’s strike, which caused the highest number of wounded in months, was the second in a week. In another attack overnight Sunday to Monday, eight missiles headed for the capital were shot down.

“The enemy used ballistic weapons,” the Kyiv City Military Administration said, adding that Russia was “intensifying the missile terror of Kyiv”.

There were also strikes in the southern port of Odesa, where officials said nine Iranian-made Shahed drones had been downed.

On the edge of the port city of Odesa, a journalist saw a large hangar in which trucks and cars had been destroyed. Pieces of the metal roof were lodged in the branches of nearby trees.

Inside the hangar, some cars had shrapnel holes, some were burnt out, while others had been crushed by the roof falling. Some cars parked outside were also damaged.

“It turned out that when the drones were downed, not all of them were completely destroyed,” said army spokeswoman Nataliya Gumenyuk.

She said the destroyed hangar was a civilian facility, not directly connected to Odesa ports, which has been relentlessly targeted by Moscow since summer.

Published in Dawn, December 14th, 2023


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