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Vigilance Awareness Week

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There have been a lot of changes in the functioning of administration in Jammu and Kashmir and transparency has benefited common people on the ground.

Recently the Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir reviewed preparations for the upcoming ‘Vigilance Awareness Week’.

He reiterated LG Administration’s commitment for rooting out corruption from the UT.

He took stock of the preparations for the upcoming ‘Vigilance Awareness Week’ to be celebrated nationally from October 31st  in presence of Administrative Secretaries and Deputy Commissioners.

He maintained that the initiatives taken during the past couple of years have ensured transparency and accountability in the system. He continued that the same has reinforced the trust of people in governance.

He reiterated that the LG Administration is fully committed to provide a corruption free governance system to its citizens and would leave no stone unturned in this pursuit. He recalled that during the current dispensation concerted efforts were made to transfer the power in the hands of common people from official corridors.

He recalled that the implementation of measures like BEAMS, e-tendering, mandatory Administrative Approval and Technical Sanction have resulted in establishing financial discipline  which has resulted in phenomenal increase in the number of projects being completed here. He called it an eye opener from merely 9,229 projects during 2018-19 to over  92,560 during 2022-23 with nearly the same expenditure.

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