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Artists and artisans

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In order to preserve art and heritage, the J & K administration has devised many programmes and schemes.

All these schemes are aimed at the welfare of artists and artisans.

Recently Lieutenant Governor Shri Manoj Sinha visited Purthu and participated in the ongoing Basohli Mahotsav. He joined the large number of enthusiastic citizens to celebrate the rich heritage of Basohli.

Under the guidance of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, we are working towards the welfare of artists and artisans who have preserved the priceless heritage and diverse cultural traditions.

He said the uniqueness of Basohli manifests beautifully in world-famous paintings, which infused new dimensions to Pahari Art and created its own distinctive style.

It is also a centre of other creative traditions including Pashmina wool, which is matchless and unique due to the production process, delicate weaving and embroidery work on finished products and reflects exemplary skill and artistry.

He said, both the exclusive products ‘Basohli paintings and Pashmina’ have received GI registration to prevent counterfeiting and to ensure access to the global market.

Dedicated efforts are being made to provide better market linkages to local products of Tweed, Phoolkari, Stapple embroidery and Bamboo craft. It is also being ensured that the benefits of development reach the households of the families associated with traditional art and crafts.


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