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“Stress and happiness are realities of life, must look within for progress”

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By: Mudasir Khan VOV


Lieutenant Governor Shri Manoj Sinha today addressed the Motivational event – ‘A Life of Happiness’ organized by Inner Space Centre at University of Kashmir.

In his address he said dignity of life, pride, prayers can be meaningful only when we can wipe someone’s tears and show him the right path.

He said that stress has become a social issue and many people are overwhelmed by the events and situations leading to depression.

He said that in order to look for the happiness one must look within so that there is balance in life.

In his address, the Lt Governor congratulated the Inner Space Centre. He welcomed the international motivational speaker Sister Shivani to the UT of J&K.

In today’s world, stress has become a social issue and many a times people are overwhelmed by the situation leading to anxiety. The people, however, can be tremendously happy if they create a fine balance between external and inner journey, the Lt Governor said.

“If stress is real, so is happiness. We get so entangled in peripheral things of life that we forget to live and enjoy ultimate bliss life is offering us. We must look at life in its entirety. We must look within and recognize our potential and importance of this beautiful life that is full of possibilities,” he said.


The Lt Governor said the ancient philosophy of our great nation has always guided the people to first know themselves, develop their individuality, focus on creativity and follow their passion.

Many times, when someone is very upset or stressed, the sound of music playing somewhere in the distance creates a new, yet momentary excitement. That one moment can turn into 365 days, 24×7 happiness when people follow their creativity, passion and they are in charge of their life instead of others, he added.

The Lt Governor called upon the students, teachers and professionals to rediscover their passion and contribute in nation building with complete dedication.

“Every person is unique.  He or she just needs to recognize it. Our every step in this journey should be dedicated to the service of others. It should be our mission to wipe every tear from every eye and eradicate inequality. Dignity of life, pride, prayers can be meaningful only when we can wipe someone’s tears and show him the right path,” he said.

Sh Vijay Kumar, ADGP Kashmir; Prof. Nilofer Khan, Vice Chancellor Kashmir University; senior officials of UT and Police Administration; members of Inner Space Centre and Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, and youth in large number were present.

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