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Local actions collectively can contribute to global environmental sustainability: CS

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Addresses the ‘Manak Mohatsav’ on the eve of World Standards Day at NIT Sgr

SRINAGAR, OCTOBER 14: Chief Secretary, Dr Arun Kumar Mehta today addressed the ‘Manak Mohatsav’ organized by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) here at National Institute of Technology (NIT) on the eve of World Standards Day.

Addressing the faculty, students and other participants of the event, the Chief Secretary maintained that the event is important step towards sustainability. He observed that the period up to 2030 is very crucial during which the people across the globe should adopt changes in line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as we have only one earth.

He stated that each of us have the responsibility to safeguard our environment for future. He noted that the population of this planet is soon going to reach around 9 billion and if suitable measures are not taken forthwith to ensure sustainability,  the earth is not going to be able to support this huge population.

Dr Mehta mentioned that the  job of BIS is in sync with the SDG framework suggested by the United Nations Organization (UNO). He said that each of the 17 goals and  169 targets  are inter-related in one way or other. He made out that the humans need to understand the limitations of each system and should not exploit it beyond its resilience. He also sensitized about the benefits of having an eco-friendly lifestyle for the earth is home not only to humans but millions of other life forms.

Regarding J&K, the Chief Secretary elucidated that the UT has taken dozens of measures to conserve its environment and cut carbon emissions. He gave the examples of construction of around 2000 AmritSarovars, 200 e-buses, planting of nearly 1.5 Cr saplings previous year besides making efforts to cut  use of ‘Single Use Plastics’ in the UT.

He enumerated that J&K today has many a distinctions to its credit for its contributions towards environmental sustainability. He made out that the UT is among the top performers in Food safety, Ayushman Bharat health scheme, Agricultural income, eco-tourism, use of renewable energy, and other eco-friendly activities. He said that the administration is committed to do more to protect the fragile environment for posterity. He urged that each of us have to think global and act local to bring about a positive change.

The Chief Secretary complimented the Institute and the other organizers for conducting the event. He asked them to frame clear cut recommendations for the future course of action which each of us may adopt to make our own local area as well as the planet safe and sustainable in times to come.

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