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Farooq Abdullah cautions BJP government not to be vindictive to its opponents

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By: Wani Fazil VOV


Former Chief Minister and National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah while expressing his support and solidarity with the recently arrested MP of Aam Admi Party Sanjay Singh, has cautioned the government not to be vindictive against its opponents.

He said that all the voices of dissent are being silenced in the country and it was not good for the health of democracy in the constitution.

Farooq Abdullah claimed that AAP Member of Parliament Sanjay Singh was vocal in the parliament and used to pinpoint the actions of BJP. He said that instead of arresting him, the government should have taken him to court to prove the allegations.

Farooq Abdullah quoted in the media as saying “For goodness’ sake, avoid actions that may one day come back to haunt you. You won’t remain in power indefinitely. There will be a day when this will come back to haunt you. Think about that day,”.

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