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Brawl over litter ends in shootout in Kolkata

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In an unexpected turn of events, a local resident, identified as Soumit Mandal, son of a retired police officer, allegedly fired in the air on Baikuntho Ghosh Road on Tuesday night here. The sudden shootout triggered panic among locals.

The incident was reportedly sparked by a minor dispute over Mandal littering the area by some local club members. Eyewitnesses recounted how after being confronted and verbally rebuked for his act, the accused initially left the scene only to return later, around 10.30 pm, brandishing a firearm.

It was then that he allegedly fired shots into the air, causing panic among those gathered near the local club. Local police swiftly responded to the development by apprehending Mandal and confiscating the weapon from his possession.

He has been taken into custody for further questioning while authorities are investigating whether he possessed appropriate licenses for the firearm.

In a twist to the tale, residents of the area voiced concern over Mandal’s behaviour. They allege he has a history of aggressive behaviour, often using abusive language and intimidatory tactics, including displaying stickers reading ‘Press’ and ‘Police’ on his vehicle.

Questions about Mandal’s true identity and the legality of these stickers are also being raised by the locals.

Meanwhile, the situation remained tense in the vicinity, with locals demanding answers to the questions as to how Mandal possessed the firearm and whether he holds a valid licence for the same.



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