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Equitable development

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Recently LG Manoj Sinha visited Kishtwar district and interacted with the deputations of the locals residents.

He also addressed the representatives of PRIs and the citizens and shared the efforts of the UT Administration for holistic development of Kishtwar

He said the administration is committed to equitable development, meeting the needs of the communities and ensuring that no section of society is left behind.

In the last three years we have taken many steps to address the concerns of people of Kishtwar, to expand employment opportunities and to improve connectivity in the rural areas.

Revival of Cinema theatre after the gap of three decades, better road and communication connectivity, augmented power infrastructure, better health, sports and education facilities are the testimony to our commitment towards transforming the standard of living of the people of the district.

Speaking on the measures taken to strengthen the infrastructure and facilities for Holy Machail Mata pilgrimage, he reiterated the resolve of the UT Administration to ensure smooth and seamless pilgrimage for the devotees.

Construction of road, solar power and tented accommodation for pilgrims has spurred the influx and this year’s figure has already crossed more than one lakh pilgrims.

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