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Strategic intervention

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Recently Union Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG), V Srinivas, chaired a meeting regarding implementation of Mission Youth in Jammu and Kashmir .

During the meeting, CEO Mission Youth elaborated on the strategic intervention areas where the program has made a substantial impact. These areas encompass market-driven skilling, psycho-social rehabilitation, livelihood generation, education and career counselling, and social engagement through sports and recreation. He also emphasized the pivotal role of Mission Youth in the tourism sector, showcasing how the digitization of schemes has facilitated efficient implementation. He expressed gratitude towards the nodal department for their consistent support, acknowledging their indispensable role as pillars of Mission Youth.

DC Bandipora, who serves as the chairperson of District Level Task Force (DLTF) for Mission Youth, shared his experiences highlighting the unwavering support provided by the CEO Mission Youth. He emphasized how Mission Youth has played an instrumental role in equipping youth from remote areas with the necessary skills to secure their livelihoods. The training programs conducted in hospitality and soft skills have been particularly impactful, empowering youth to maintain and manage homestays and collaborate with leading online hospitality portals, he added. The youth volunteering program was highlighted as an effective means of instilling a sense of responsibility among the youth.

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