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Handloom & Handicraft

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There is special emphasis on Handloom & Handicraft in Jammu and Kashmir as the government is trying to train the artisans and provide them better market facilities.

Recently Union MoS Darshana Jardosh reviewed the functioning of Handloom & Handicraft deptt.

She emphasized focus on value addition, training of artisans, market linkages, e-commerce platforms

Union Minister of State for Railways and Textiles, Darshana Jardosh, chaired a meeting to review and discuss the issues faced by the Handloom and Handicraft Department in the district.

During the meeting, the Union MoS emphasized the importance of focusing on value addition and training of artisans, in addition to market linkages and e-commerce platforms.

Union MoS called for development of a complete ecosystem from production to distribution, stressing that this would help in achieving the government’s goal of creating a self-reliant India. She exhorted upon the Handloom and Handicraft Department to work towards this goal by providing artisans with the necessary training and resources to help them enhance their skills and capabilities.

Jardosh also emphasized the need to establish ODOP (One District One Product) stalls at railway stations, which would not only provide artisans with a platform to showcase their products, but would also help in promoting local handicrafts and handlooms. She stressed that this would not only benefit the artisans, but would also help boost the local economy.

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