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Climate change

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Climate change is now a global phenomena and every country is trying to play its role for environmental balance.

Recently LG Manoj Sinha said that India will play the most important & constructive role for climate future and shape the action plan for mitigation, adaptation and environmental management systems. India will guide the world towards achieving the goal of environmentally sustainable development.

He recently addressed the National Conference on ‘India@G20’, at the Convention Centre.

The Conference was organized by IIM Jammu, IIT Jammu, AIIMS Jammu, in collaboration with Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DICCI) to deliberate upon priorities, prospects and way forward for creating an inclusive & sustainable society.

The aspirations of humanity can be fulfilled only in the conditions of peace. And, I strongly believe, ‘Ahimsa’ , deeply rooted in our great civilization, is making the world realize the futility of conflict and the utility of dialogue.

During India’s G20 presidency, green, accelerated, inclusive & sustainable growth are top priorities and the world is looking at us with a hope to deal with the challenges of Covid, Climate Change and Conflict.

Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji gave a new vision to the world that climate change cannot be fought from conference tables alone but It has to be fought from the dinner tables in every home. This will pave the way for sustainable & inclusive development.

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