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Quality seed

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In order to provide the quality seed for farmers in Jammu and Kashmir, the government is trying to make this available for the farmers.

Earlier availability of quality seed was a severe limitation, which often guides the choice of farmers. Suitable packages of practices (PoPs) and technology dissemination are available for only a few fodder crop varieties and need further research in such areas. Spread of invasive weeds, over-grazing, and eventually soil erosion are deteriorating and dwindling the pasture lands. Weeds in grasslands have decreased the herbage output quantity by 20-50 per cent and quality by 10-15 per cent. The alpine and mid-altitude pastures remain without snow cover for most of the time and are mostly under continuous grazing pressure. Open pastures are seldom re-seeded or reclaimed for its soil strata and health. Common weeds like Lanta camera, Stipa, Sambucus, Aconitum, Cincifuga, Adonis, Sibbaldia have assumed notorious proportions, adding to the problem.

The proposed plan aims to address the problem of fodder unavailability in J&K through two approaches: short-term mitigation and medium-term solutions. For the short-term, the plan focuses on increasing the production of fodder and feed through large-scale cultivation, processing, and value addition, with the help of pilot scale demonstrations and technological interventions, supported by capital infusion and incentives. This approach also includes exploring innovative approaches for green fodder production and mass multiplication under hi-tech agriculture.

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