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Property tax

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Property tax has been in focus and the government of Jammu and Kashmir recently has said that the money collected would be spent on social welfare.

Recently LG Manoj Sinha said that out of 5,20,000 houses in urban areas, 2,06,000 i.e. 40% houses which are less than 1000 sq ft are completely exempted. Minimum tax has been imposed on other houses. We have made such arrangements that out of 5,20,000 houses, 4,09,600 houses (80%) will either be totally exempted or will have to pay less than Rs.1000 as property tax annually. Similarly, out of 1,01,000 shops in urban areas, around 76,000 i.e. 75% shops are such that they will be paying less than Rs 2000 property tax annually and 45% i.e 46,000 shops out of 1,01,000 shops will have to pay less than Rs 700 tax annually.

This is a very nominal amount as compared to other cities of the country like Shimla, Ambala, Dehradun, he further added.

He said that some people are deliberately trying to spread misinformation and create a false narrative.  We are ready to consider better suggestions and solutions. We will implement genuine suggestions. In every decision that we have taken so far, the interest of the common man and business community has been paramount.

Common man has no issue with property tax. Only some special people are troubled by it, who had gathered fortunes for many generations by hoodwinking the common masses of J&K.

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